Caramella's Candy Shop

Your adventure transpires at Caramella’s Candy Shoppe. The Caramella family has operated Caramella’s Candy Shoppe since they immigrated from Italy 150 years ago. Throughout that time their family and their shop has been a beloved bastion of the community.

Their shop is known for their most exquisite caramel candy invented by Gino’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather. The secret family recipe is rumored to be hidden somewhere in the shop.

Recently, a greedy business magnate has endeavor to steal their recipe and mass produce their candy! The business magnate has used his means to deport the Caramella family and seize their shop. He plans to demolish the shop and shift through the rubble to find the secret recipe. The demolition crews are already gathering outside and will start in exactly 60 minutes.

Can you find the secret recipe in 60 minutes? You are the last hope to save this delightful candy!

The room is not just your typical locks and boxes - get ready for some exciting twists and tech!

Please be aware you may be in the Escape Room with other guests if you do not book all 8 spots.

You must arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time for your full briefing!

Please contact us if you wish to schedule a group Monday-Friday

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